Novated Leases for Employees

3 Reasons to Offer a Novated Lease to Your Employees

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As an employer, you might always be looking for ways to provide your employees with competitive compensation and the best possible perks. After all, you probably know that it’s important to offer these things if you want to attract and keep the best talent and if you want to show your appreciation to the employees who work so hard for you and your company. One thing that you might be thinking about offering to each employee is a novated lease. However, you could be a bit unsure of whether or not a novated lease is the right thing to get into. Of course, every company is different, so it may or may not be a good idea. These are a few benefits that many employers are able to gain from offering these leases to their employees, however.

1. Your Employees Get to Drive New Cars

Who doesn’t love the idea of driving a brand new car? By offering a novated lease to your employees, you can make it possible for them to drive a brand new car at a cost that will be affordable for them. This can be a great perk for the employees who you would like to keep happy. When you see all of the new cars parked in the parking garage or parking lot at your business, it’s sure to make you — and all of your employees — happy.

2. Increase Your Employees’ Incomes

If you ask your employees about the perks that they would enjoy and appreciate the most, many of them might say that they would love to get a raise. With a Novated Lease at, they can actually enjoy more of their incomes. This is because they can use their pre-tax incomes to help pay for the cars that they lease, allowing them to make use of more of their money. This can also help them pay less taxes overall, since their annual post-tax incomes will be so much lower. It’s like giving your employees a raise.

3. It Isn’t Risky for You

Even though it might be important to you to provide your employees with perks and compensation, you may want to avoid doing things that are overly risky for your business. Luckily, a novated lease is not a risk for your business at all. This is because the novated lease will end if your employee no longer works for your company, so it will not be something that you have to worry about.

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